SA maintains its overseas winning streak with the help of Luhar-Ainos Intolerance method

My Faking News Post

There was little excitement remaining for the last match of the India South Africa series as India already had won.  But our sources indicate that a new excitement is coming up in the series. Our sources who have talked to Vijar Alkuhs (who is also a prominent member of Ssergnoc Party)  says that excitement for Luhar’s party and embarrassment for the current regime is coming up.  It is not be noted that South Africa had went more than 9 years winning 15 overseas series without losing any series till they faced loss in RSS headquarter Nagpur.

In an interesting turn of events spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, who took 8-90 in the first test and 7-66 in the second test as India beat South Africa by 104 runs and 124 runs to win the first and third test matches and took an unassailable 2-0 series lead, has decided to do the unthinkable.  He, being a great fan of Garib Khan and Snipdeal, got peeved with the App wapsi and has decided to do his own bit of wapsi.  After initially deciding to do a graduation wapsi, he was advised by Luhar Gandhi not to do a graduation wapsi (he had graduated during Luhar’s regime), the think tank of Ssergonc Party advised him to rather do “Wicket wapsi.”

But excitement as well as hope for South Africa players and supporters are destined to return as the umpire is set to declare South Africa winner of the third test by Luhar-Ainos Intolerance method. The final nod from the ICC is awaited as this method is going to be put in action for the very first time in the history of international cricket.

Experts have said that though this is the first case of “wicket wapsi” in India, it may not be the last one.  Our sources also indicate Luhar is in talks with the 1983 team and we have been told that West Indies are eying to winning back the 1983 Prudential (world) Cup after Madan lal and Mohinder Amarnath has hinted they too might do wicket wapsi.

Meanwhile Banra Goswami is quite worked up and excited to host his marathon 72-hour debate and has queued up 25 past and present cricketers along with experts to discuss this Wicket Wapsi, World Cup Wapsi episodes.


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