Budnath Sarthy warns against marrying a Bong Girl

The arrested common leader Budnath Sarthy is reportedly spilled some beans under interrogation. But most importantly he has repented and warned the investigating police officer that one should always avoid a Bong spouse alibi given a choice. Incidentally the said officer had precisely the same kind and had decided on a night out in the police station, as usual. Sources with inside information reported that the two had struck the chord and had spent the night together in the lock-up sharing their woes and miseries. When he learnt that the officer’s wife had bought a puppy as their anniversary gift, Sarthy was in tears advising the officer not to repeat the mistake he did.

Sarthy has expressed confidence that the party will be fully back him up when informed that a large group of supporters have gathered to show solidarity holding banners and party flags . The police however, are puzzled why they folded the flags as well as the banners on their way out leaving behind their sticks which were stronger than the Batons (lathi) when they already have enough.  One police officer had expressed hope that next time they will use AK 47 to hold their flags and banners.

In another unrelated development, the guardians of Hindu marriage act are conducting a workshop to decide if a married couple should be allowed to divide their belongings into his and her. Instead both should have an equal share of everything even if that was a dog.


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