Who Owns ‘Rasgulla’ – The nation Wants to Know!

My Faking News

Stakes are raised as Bengal and Odisha both eyes to cash in with a patent of Rasgulla. Odisha, it is learnt has claimed that the shape of Rasgulla was inspired by the first alphabet of its name or vice versa. It is also not a mere coincidence that both Rasgulla and Rangabati start with the letter “R” Odisha had argued.

World-renowned sand artist Mr. Handsome Pattnaik is believed to be planning another emotional sand sculpture. This time he shall highlight the plight and misfortune of the people of Odhisa on the verge of losing their brain child.

The unputdownable spirit could be felt all over Bengal as the neighbourhoods buzzed with debates. One dada was in deep discussion with the bhodrolok next door trying to establish if the taste of the most common sweet of the land could change if it becomes Odiya.

Nobody is willing to take chances and a bery senior leader was heard saying “diiz are oll rubbish claims and happening because of politics. What iz the Centre doing?”

The government is reportedly in talks with “Times Then” and mulling to assign their most popular news host as a brand ambassador for Rasgulla.

After all someone has to find the answer for the nation.


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