A year after stopping production of the iconic Ambassador car, VW brings new hope

My Faking News

Special correspondent

The Germans and rest of the world alike were shocked as the news came in that the mightiest car manufacturer Volkswagen has been rigging environmental tests for diesel emissions in the US for years.

Our sources have informed us that not everyone is taking this revelation as a bad news. The babus of another mighty automobile manufacturer and the de facto emperor of the Indian roads of the last century are eyeing this as an opportunity to make a comeback. “Cars and the environment are the two most important aspects that we cared so deeply during the life time of the Ambassador car. Just like the people for Germany cared for their reputation and English about their Royals”, a retired executive is believed to have commented.

Unconfirmed news states that a detailed proposal is being drafted to revive the iconic Ambassador cars and this time exclusively for export to the USA. The plan hinges around putting VW CEO Martin Winterkorn at the helm of affairs to sort out any issue that could arise due to high emission levels for the Ambassador model.

The company however is not looking to make any other changes to the upcoming model other than redesigning the front grill.


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