A 7 year old Man arrested for flying a paper plane in his School Playground

My Faking News

In another non-shocking incident, a 7 year old Man was arrested for flying a paper plane in his school play ground. The federal police has thanked the sports instructor for showing courage and prudence in alerting the authorities without wasting any time. “It appeared to be a miniature working model of a drone and I could clearly see some cursive text scribbled by pencil all over the body of the aircraft” (sic) was the comment of the alert school personnel when approached by representatives of the media.

The federal agency has stated that extreme precaution was the need of the hour and they are currently examining if the scribbled text were some secret code of the aircraft design and if it could carry a payload when used as a WMD.

The man was later released to his family and was given a forced vacation for a week and is believed to be recuperating  in his mother’s lap. The school administration however  defended their action saying they always ask students and staff “to immediately report if they observe any suspicious items and or suspicious behaviour.”

Mr. Badal Ojha, the pradhan of “Ummid Shrestra Akhara”, has taken to the tweeter encouraging students to come up with more such project as this puts the skill of the school authorities and the federal security agencies to test.


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