Bigg Boss 9 to be the costliest Indian TV show

My Faking News

The buzz around controversial reality show, Bigg Boss, has begun and our sources has informed that E*demol, the Neth*rlands-headquartered TV production company that created the original format of Bigg Boss has recently been contacted ISRO, India’s space agency . It was learnt that after success of India’s Mars orbiter, Mangalyaan for just 4.5 billion rupees, they are contemplating to have a space age solution for the TV show. A senior executive with decision making authority has quoted “the idea of Mangalyaan struck once our finance executive informed that the cost of real estate has sky rocketed and we are thankful to him for that.”

The weight is not much of a concern as contestants come with only one suitcase and has no TV connection, no phones, no Internet connection – not even a clock, or a pen or paper are permitted inside the house. While 3D printing will take care of most of the needs, the only unsolved piece of the riddle is how to handle the evicted contestants.

“The biggest advantage is that we can now admit any contestants from new, old and even the oldest profession without having to worry about the social police gathering outside the house” the executive was heard saying. When questioned about availability of Salman Khan after his sudden departure last session, he has reportedly winked saying “we are considering another superstar from the south who could easily jump in and out of the ship.”

There has been no official confirmation on the matter as yet, and hence can be taken as a speculation.

In other news, there has been some      protest citing inequality towards female audience during selection of contestants as only the likes of Sunny and Mia are considered while everybody knows it takes two to tango.


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