‘Facebook Likes’ – The Future of Ballot box in India?

My Faking News

Washington: Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Prime Minister Modi will be visiting Facebook headquarters on 27 September 2015 have caught the fancy of ordinary Indians and Facebook users alike as they anxiously wait to find out the rationale behind this meeting.

Moreover, more than a few eyebrows were raised as Zuckerberg announced that they shall discuss how communities can work together but conveniently abstained from providing any details about the constituents of these communities.

Speculations are rife in the media about the possible voting methods and mechanism that will be adopted during the next general election in 2019. Sources with access to details of this visit have revealed that there is a high probability that “Facebook likes” may replace the voting machines in the foreseeable future.

The Election commission representative abstained from making any comment when approached initially. But when confronted, it clarified any such major decision will be only taken after proper national debate conducted through Times Now.


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